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I will mention that I do respect the privacy of the people I talk about.  However if their story has something to offer in the way of an example I am going to use their story while omitting certain identifiable information about them.  Many of my real world friends do read my essays and some of them can figure out who I am talking about, or maybe it’s them.  One friend I mentioned in an essay got a little mad at me because I wrote about him generally.  I think he felt shame for his behaviors more so than anything that I may have alluded to in writing.  However that same friend’s behaviors and attitude were such that they could have been attributed to any beta who consistently fails with women.  It’s not out of disrespect that I use their stories or my own personal observations about people I know.  It is in the spirit of helping others that I do what I do.

So yes if you want my advice about something and there is a bigger lesson to be talked about I am probably going to talk about you, but not you, just your story.

That is my disclaimer.

December 9, 2013  By: MonkeyWerks


This blog is a compilation of some of the letters and essays I have written and will write in the future.  I was inspired by my wife leaving me and our subsequent divorce to journal my feelings and observation as to what motivated her actions during and at the end of our marriage.  This reflection caused me to reflect on my past before my marriage and how I ended up becoming the man I was.  As my brokenness over the destruction of my family really sank in, I decided that I needed to reevaluate much if not all of my beliefs and the systems that caused me to adopt those beliefs.  In my brokenness I realized that I am not the man I wanted to become.

I will also write about what i am going through, including the sometimes painful day to day experiences and emotions.  There will be talk of my new lovers and new adventures as they occur.

Anyways, I hope to dissect these issues that man face today, such as the decline of positive masculinity, feminism, divorce, father rights, sexuality, and much more.  One thing I will be writing about is my journey from an unaware or plugged in player, to a husband and father, to a divorced man.  My journey has forced me to consider the many why’s I have had to ask myself.  My journey started with my mother’s feminist beliefs, her indoctrinating me with those beliefs, my rejection of them and my subsequent research and adoption of many of the ideals we in the manosphere call Red Pill Truths.  It is a hard journey, but as with anything worthwhile, it will be worth it, because I will end up a better, more fulfilled man who is on track to reach his full potential.

I am a fan of Dalrock, Chateau Heartiste, Rollo Tomassi and many other writers that illuminate many of these issues all men face today and I hope, like them, these essays will  also be a useful source of information and reference for other men who face these same issues.

And now our journey begins….