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Ayn Rand Good woman


I found this excerpt from Ayn Rand that I think has some very good wisdom.  I experienced this in a woman I met about a year ago.  One of the things I found most attractive in her was that she reflected me in many ways.  I did not understand that at first.

Another thing that I noticed after we were together for some time and after I began writing was that through our relationship I did have a sense of increased self esteem, in particular how she totally surrendered her body to me.

Perhaps this was because my experience with my ex-wife was completely opposite.  My ex-wife used sex as a weapon and didn’t know that a woman’s submission and surrender to her husband would make her happier than she could have ever imagined.

The statement by Rand also speaks a lot about male hypergamy and the male imperative.  When I met my wife she was the hardest in the group of women I was dating to win over, but I did win her over.  Out of the 3 other men who were chasing her I am the one who conquered her heart and her body.  I think that maybe I saw her for more than what she was.  It does take a strong women to keep up with me and love me because she still had to earn my love, which she did in many ways.

I referenced two different women I have been involved with recently in this essay, both having unique strengths and flaws.  I think the key when considering a woman to love is to find one that encompasses the traits that make you feel masculine in all ways.  Something to ponder.