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I think there is some good advice here for those so inclined.  The rest of this woman’s site is actually pretty  illuminating.


By: Monkey Werks


Regardless of how hot she looks in those tight britches, finding a normal woman who happens to own horses seems akin to finding her riding a unicorn.

First read this article from Return of Kings: Avoid Women with Horses.

But I will tell you this, and this is the moral of the story.

Avoid, with all of your might, women who have horses.  It is the reddest of red flags.

Imagine, if you will, a woman with 3 children from 3 different fathers, who insists on hyphenating her name if you were to ever marry, who has a ton of cats, and majored in Women’s Studies with a Masters in Social Justice.

That woman is more reliable, sane, stable, and trustworthy than a woman with a horse.  Women with horses are plagued with financial problems (not to mention psychological), and if they aren’t, they are so rich and deluded you will not even be able to compete with a dumb, inferior animal.

The world of women is already pockmarked with landmines of an unfathomable variety.  You can easily sidestep one as clearly marked by horses.

Watch the video, it has a personal importance to me.

Terry and I are Eskimo Brothers.  Watch the video below for a funny description of what this is.  When I saw this I laughed my ass off for like 2 hours.

We banged the same chick about 5 years apart.  She is into horses.  She loves her horses more than people.  She spends all her money and time on her horses.  Every decision she makes somehow involves her keeping and paying for her horses, even to the extreme detriment of her financial future and any romantic relationships she is in.  I liked her horses but fuck, they are fucking livestock and if the SHTF they are food.  So anyways, I thought I would post this because it was, you guessed it, her sick horse, and the fact that she was probably going to dump thousands of dollars into him that helped bring about the recent end to our relationship, because she had to make a choice, which for a normal woman shouldn’t have been all that hard to make the right choice, which never even involved getting rid of her fucking horse.

Her pussy was tight and yes she would do absolutely anything sexual that I could think of, but is that worth bat-shit crazy and bankruptcy?  I’ll let you decide.

Some various comments below from the web.  I have seen all of this and more after only a year with a horse chick.  Terry spent 4 years with the same one and his stories are like WTF!

Yes, I’m telling you guise. The chicks literally fall in love with the horse. You will constantly be compared in every aspect to the horse, in which you can never win b/c the horse can do no wrong. The chick then gets frustrated at you and begins to despise you….

They are not insane but emotionally they are different from you and I
They love horses but a horse does not show love back, he just cares about food and drink and he will not love you back like a dog
This can fuck up with their perspective of life and they will learn not to love others just like the horse has done to them
Smash but leave right after would be my advice

Think back to all the girls you know who are crazy horse lovers. Bet you they’re all fuking crazy as chit

I lived with a girl who worked at my gym, knew she was a little nutty
Anyway, come to find out when I moved in:
1. The wall had sheet metal horse replica/art on it.
2. The silverwear had horses on it and was styled in the horse-theme
3. Horse plates and cook wear (srs)
4. Horse blankets
Horse everything honest, she used that hair-n-mane shampoo that has a horse on the cover too.
Craziest bitch I ever knew.

My wife is a horse nut and our house is everything horses (even the cookie jars are horse related/all paintings are of horses etc)…and horse women ARE weird….met very few over 20 years who are normal…a different breed.

Lol I worked at a tack store on high school that sold all sorts of horse related chit…. Long story short I’ve met more crazies in a one year time span working there than I ever care to meet again. Old horse ladies are the worst.

Dated a girl from the south for a year, she rode horses and competed, so was did all her gf. none had bf’s I can see now why.
From there on out, I swore if I heard the words I love riding horses, shes a hit it and quit it.

I spend alot of free time on a horse ranch aroudn two horse women, they even say horse girls are crazy and to avoid them TROLOLOL…
they are ALL nuts.

I can confirm this, I am brother of crazy horse lover…

Because their horses are their BFs (srs)
Horses make them orgasm/get wet because of the motion of riding them, so they form a very intimate bond

In my dorm I lived next to the boyfriend of a screamer who also happened to be a horse nut. She’d post creepy statuses about her horse romance on FB.

100% true.
They use the horses as a replacement for a man. Except the horse will do what they want and they can control it.
Same reason why most lesbians have a big dog. Replaces both the men and children in their lives.

Its bc they’re clits are desensitized so they are mad at the world.

glad to know this is common knowledge and some of you guys are staying safe

my sister for one.

seems legit

hmm… My mom loves horses and owned one as a girl, and she is bat**** crazy. Interesting

I honestly think any girl who favors a particular animal has some crazy ass screw loose with the exception of dogs. Srs

out of lurk-mode i come to confirm this. dated one and she was bat****ter crazy

My mother bred dogs for years, registered with OKC, dog shows, all that jazz etc. Has friends in the same business. They’re all crazy as **** and many are divorced or live alone. My mom’s crazy as fuk too.

Then there’s cat lady’s and they’re always fuarked as well.

Too fukking true.
First girl I ever dated was in love with horses and was actually bat sh*t insane, I mean I’ve met crazy girls but this girl was next level.

I also might add that girls who seem to like snowboarding are cool as fukk.

I went to a school on the outskirts of the suburbs/country and my friends, brother and I all had a theory that horse chicks were slutty/crazy.
Almost without fail this theory has been proven time and time again, spot on OP.

Can confirm this theory as well.
First dated horse girl for 4 months, waste of my summer. Crazy ****ing broad telling me she secretly wanted to throw her best friend into traffic and crazy laugh. Her legs were amazing tho..
Second girl went on a first date, she didn’t wash, she smelt and was all sorts of crazy. Then gave me a wtf look when I wouldn’t plow her in car and told her to go inside.
Third girl another first date, this girls hair was like complete grease. Had a bitch attitude and expected me to pay for everything, no thanks for the night or anything. Did not call back. She rage posted crap on fb and deleted me a week later.
Will not happen again unless body and personality are normal. These freaks were from dating sites, so I guess it was expected.

“horse girls” are almost invariably weird in some way.

I can confirm this. First GF was a horse lover and a total slut. Found out afterwards..

My god…. This is true.

Weirdest girl in my high school rode horses and was obsessed with them.

Used to **** around with a horse girl… holy fuk, all suspicions are true. Bish is the craziest, neediest chick I’ve ever met.

Is this a serious mental condition or just a weird coincidence?
Misc doctors?

First girlfriend i had was a horse rider.

Brb u should always come with me and watch me
brb why wont you clean the horse shiat with me
why dont you wake up at six in the morning on your free weekend to go to the horse
brb my girlfriends boyfriend always helps cleaning stall and horse
brb if you want to keep dating me…you gotta take me and my horse in a pack

brb fkn dumped her..not a single horse was seen again

you’re really onto something. I met a girl who really liked horses, bish gave me a lap dance then face raped me…. in front of about 50 people.

ex of mine must of fukked in excess of 70 guys (obviously i didnt know this before we started to smash) crazy about horses, major daddy issues (heroin overdose scumbag) I’m 90% convinced shes fukked her horse (srs)

Ok, there are some positive things about horse chicks such as riding makes their pussies tighter, most are in shape and, well that’s about it, but the list below and the comments above, makes it pretty clear that most, if not all, are probably sluts.

20 Reasons To Date a Horseback Rider

1.We have 4 speeds and many positions.
2.We wear tight pants and tall boots.
3.We love getting dirty.
4.We know how to ride our mounts.
5.We perform well with animals.
6.We like to be in control.
7.We’ll ride it for hours.
8.We know how to handle a big girth.
9.We get off easy.
10.We’re always on top.

11.We like it rough.
12.We have our legs spread all day long.
13.We love using whips.
14.Straddling is our natural position.
15.We don’t mind being bucked around.
16.Endurance riders do it longer.
17.We can ride standing or sitting.
18.We think the fast ones are the most fun.
19.We’re used to having hands between our legs.
20.If we fall off we get back on and ride harder.

Or you can just be this guy.

By: MonkeyWerks

I wish my father explained theses things better to me.  In fact I am going to write a list for a future article on what my father should have taught me but didn’t.  This lesson I never received bit me in the ass hard.  Vox wrote this article that illustrated the importance of this lesson.

Women fall into two different categories for most men, who we will fuck and who we will fuck and then marry.  Most men will fuck any woman who is above a HB5 depending on circumstances, which is most women, so having a “will not fuck” list for a man is immaterial.

My beautiful ex wife was an HB8 to me, tall blonde and blue, just the way I like them.   As it turned out, on the surface she had the looks and the attitude for being a good wife for life, but in reality should have been on the bang list only.  She was a hardcore feminist and dressed in ways that were generally not feminine and were also not slutty like many of the woman I was meeting time.  Very rarely did I see her in dresses or any sexy clothes, and even now she refuses to wear a sun dress in the summer, but that may change as she hunts for a new chump husband.  Unfortunately, I took her manner of dress to mean she was not a slut like so many of the attractive young women I was meeting.  Instead she was all the way opposite and had no idea what it meant to be a real feminine woman, nor was she taught any other traditional values or domestic skills.  I must have thought at the time that she would be more faithful, which in a way she might have been because I don’t think she was sexually unfaithful during our marriage, but I will never know for certain.  She was just not faithful in the other ways that also mattered.

The lesson is that looks matter to us men for the initial attraction but it is how a woman acts in general that will mitigate even her very good looks and lower her MMV.  As my wife looked like she was much less of a slut than her sister feminists, she did give it up on the 3rd date as I expected her to do.  In her defense I did pull out all of the stops in my seductions.  She never had a chance.  However, it was then that I should have downgraded her to the bang list.  Her becoming more feminine never materialized and as our marriage dragged on she became less and less like the good and sexy wife of my youth and more of our typical, yet still reasonably attractive radical feminists Christians. It really started to go downhill for her and us when she added a bunch of her Church™ nonsense into the mix of her identity.

Dalrock’s comment was quite interesting:

I look forward to the series. One thing which strikes me about the topic is the flip side to the fact that women can bang higher SMV men than they can marry, and that is that men can (generally) marry higher SMV women than they can bang. The first is pretty universally recognized in the sphere, but I don’t see the latter discussed. One corroborating data point is how often a man’s mistress is of a lower SMV than his wife, especially if the wife is still young. (I have always heard that your mistress should always be less attractive than your wife.  I would hope Dalrock or someone could elaborate more on this piece of advice and its origins). ROM

I figured my wife had a lower SMV than I when we met, and we were about even when we married.  She was hot, educated and had a low partner count, from what I have been told at least.  I was attractive and was making good money and owned a business when we met, but joined the Marines soon after September 11, and my income and options went to shit for 4 years.

How the women look and act in the very beginning will help you determine which list to put her on.  She may go from the Bride list to the Bang list, but rarely do they get promoted to Bride from Bang.  As I like to say, trust your gut.  It is rarely wrong.  If your initial feeling was Bang list then keep her there.  Remember, you can’t turn a whore into a housewife.  You will tank me and Vox for it later.

Read this article about doing a Gut Check and trusting your instincts.