Heartiste, as usual, does not disappoint in his uncovering of the pretty lies.  What was brought to us today is a young white suburbanite slut who gets chain railed by 12 black men, and then we find out her deplorable beta boyfriend forgives her in a slobbering display of emasculation.

Bebryqa      11EXExx

Women who insist on fucking interracially are like herpes patients.  Women will oftentimes keep their disease a secret from the men they meet and have sex with.  You may never find out as long as she does not have an outbreak when you are together, but an outbreak will eventually happen if you are with her long enough and when it does your in for a world of hurt and your own reoccurring flare ups.  That said, these types of women are irredeemable.  This piece is not about hating on the black men who bang these sluts.  All they did was exploit the opportunity of banging a white slut.  There is no shame in that.  However, it is the women themselves that have shown they totally lack not only self respect but discretion and they care not for any consequences arising from such abhorrent behaviors.  Women like this are going to be more apt to having multiple gangbangs and other examples of extreme sluttiness in their sexual histories and of course lying about it all when pressed for the truth by some future chump husband.  You will see many of them as single mothers, ending up divorced, doing drugs, excessive partying, never married and of course they are also highly likely to cheat if you find yourself the unfortunate victim of her.  Women like this need to always be abandoned by every white man so she may forever chase her love of the BBC.  She is forever contaminated.  As one commenter stated, “after you’ve slept with a black, you just can’t wash that shit off”.

My criticism also does not extent to interracial marriages per se where the marriage was built on a strong foundation (ie: a non gangster, educated, intelligent, well spoken black man and good white girl OR with a balck female/white male when it occurs).  These relationships, although quite rare, normally produce good and decent enough children and they often last if the couple embraces white culture.  The blacks in this scenario were also likely raised in predominantly white environment.  It is the women who date gangster nigga’s and who does shit like this that end up worse than useless for anything more than a pump and dump.  For that matter I would personally just forgo fucking any woman who has fucked a black man regardless of how hot she may be.  Normal (used loosely of course) white women when they hear about things like this will normally feel revulsion in the pit of their bowels.  Even the most progressive of women would feel this.  That is the normal response.  This behavior is the stuff of only but the biggest cum guzzling sluts.  The type of pairing off as brought to us by Heartiste is the common result of interracial relations.

It is important to point out that the different white woman who will usually fuck black men.  There is of course the fatties that white men don’t want anyways.  There are the “hot wives” married to emasculated and neutered beta men.  This is the proverbial cuckold.  And of course you have this prime example of good looking white meat, which although in the minority, this group grows as does the mixed race illegitimate pregnancies it produces thus further handicapping and already handicapped generation.

As this writer stated:

Am I wrong in saying this chick can still get it even after seeing all this, though? Like I’d prefer not to hear about the time she banged the Tuskegee Airmen while we’re hooking up but she’s still pretty sexy and clearly has the moral compass of Pol Pot. Bang of a lifetime if you can keep your dick from melting into Gak as a result.

As for the question on why do white sluts do this shit, aside from the obvious, she’s a slut, because all ho’s do not spread their legs and labia’s equally.  I would speculate that the sluts who will not fuck a black man still outnumber the ones that will.  Unfortunately I think, amongst the millenniums at least, this disparity is shrinking.  Much of this is probably due to the progressives normalizing gangsta behaviors and not holding blacks accountable for their action through PC enforcement against calling a spade a spade if you will.  As it is, the powers that be and rationalization hamsters everywhere are trying to normalize an activity that is quite probably very detrimental to our society.  In the past there where social controls that not only stigmatized this sort of behavior but provided for immediate and harsh punishments for the actors.  These controls are now nonexistent.  If fact we have come full circle and women everywhere will now celebrate other women’s slutty behavior using the guise of being sex positive.

One commentator asked in Heartiste’s article, why white women are attracted to black men?  White men have refused to appreciate how the black man relates to women of all races.  Black men are normally and quite naturally more alpha than white men as a group.  Through selective breeding they also have better muscle development.  I just wanted to randomly throw that out.  You will rarely meet a black man who does not have pussy available to him on demand.  Many unmarried black men maintain harems.  White men can learn a lot by watching a black man interact with various women.  Much of what I have learned is that black men simply have much more moxie in general when dealing with women.  It is not uncommon for a black man to call out to woman and have her respond positively to him.  It seems that black men can sense these women and exploit the opportunities more consistently that most white men.  Also black men do not have the aversion to “group activities” that white men often do.  In my own experience when the opportunity presented itself, I have seen white men pull this sort of thing on various young hotties, but it took one or more of the group being excessively bold to pull it off.  I of course do not recommend adopting or imitating any other aspect of black culture, lest one lessens his overall value.

It is important to point out that black women are probably the most difficult race of females to deal with in a relational and sexual sense.  The black race in general is based upon a matriarchal family system.  This goes back thousands of years to the tribes in Africa and the black community reflects this.  Black women have always been more promiscuous in the sense that it was not unusual for a black woman to have children from multiple men.  The last man in this line would marry the woman and raise all of the children as his own.  This created a strong community with close ties and resulted in generally strong families.  The welfare state basterdized this to the extent of what we see today with the majority of blacks being raised in single mother households and the lack of positive masculine influences’ for these children due to the now incentivizing for these women not to marry lest she lose her welfare checks.  Suffice it to say that without going into this in such detail that would end up reading like a research study, white woman and black women are polar opposites in terms of behaviors as it relates to relationships yet now similar in regards to female sexuality.  Black men have had to evolve and learn certain skills in order to successfully get past the oftentimes over embellished Strong Independent Woman™ personas most black women portray.  This is why white men marrying black women is still quite rare, although it is now fairly common for the opposite to occur.

Now this incident has forever been memorialized on the interwebz where it will stay to only be discovered in some unspecified future by this woman’s beta husband.  He will complain that she will not give him this type of free uninhibited sex and she will come clean about some of her past, and like this woman’s current boyfriend he will forgive her and tell her it was ok that she ate 12 cocks in one night.  She will eventually bore of him and discard him, whilst stealing his money and children from him.  Before she finds her herb, the otherwise good men who meet her will deduce enough of her past behaviors where she will get repeatedly pumped and dumped until her soul is gone and she is nothing but a used up vessel filled only with the semen of the multitudes of lovers and BBC past.  This is the real world consequences for her for that one night of slutty fun.   All we can do is laugh and feel the nausea build up inside of our guts as we use her and her boyfriend as an example that yes, all women do posses this very nature and a beta’a worse nightmare is only one or 12 Alabama Black Snakes away.

mbqsm3 awkward

  1. Don says:

    As much as I am not prejudice I would never touch a woman that sluts her self like that! Myself and many of my white friends have a problem with dating a white woman who has been with a black man. I do not know why because I love all my black friends and would never tell them of this. I have gotten past any prejudice except this one thing as also goes with my other white friends and perhaps it is the old saying that black men are well endowed and maybe we could not measure up. As far as myself I have been told that I have way to much down there and also been told I know how to use it well!

  2. monkeywerks says:

    I was waiting until someone mentioned it, but black men are only slightly bigger on average When I was in the Marines I actually asked about this and it seems most black men are showers not growers. I too have black friends and I have brought this up to them. We have a good laugh about it, but even they agree that there is a big difference between this girl who does 12 black guys and other women who go for these types of black men and the women and men who truly begin relationships with possible marriage as an end goal.

  3. Good post.

    This woman’s name is Brooke Wienecke. If I had a stab in the dark I would take ‘Wienecke’ to be a Polish name. She looks a little too dusky to be Polish though. That’s not to say I doubt she is of European extraction. Perhaps her mother is Spanish or something.

    In any event, if she had any intentions of being a mother you would imagine they have been curbed. As mentioned in your post, it is bad enough that her future husband will come across this, but, as we have seen, there are men willing to overlook such a thing (the cock often usurps the brain in decision making). By contrast, what son or daughter could retain even a modicum of respect for their mother after seeing her gobble down black cocks as part of a ghetto gangbang? At least the porn actresses and prostitutes who do this can say they are doing so to raise cash for their crack or heroin fixes. She appeared to be doing it purely as recreation!

    Perhaps she can slink away to some dark corner of the world where electricity is scarce and raise her kids in some tin shack or something. From a family perspective, the only incident I know of that is more embarrassing than this is when that man died as a result of being fucked by a horse.

    • monkeywerks says:

      Probably has a Polish father and Italian or other ethnic mother.

      What will happen is that some mid-high earning shlub will marry her in the next 5 years or so. She will probably realize that in order to score she needs to marry sooner rather than later, but in 10 or so years she will divorce him all the while taking BBC on the side. Its an old story with a predictable outcome. Eben women who..repent of their slutitude still carry the damage their behaviors have wrought.

  4. Ruthless Hypergamy says:

    I’ve been noticing a lot of these scenarios happen for a while now. Women (mostly white) are banging blacks with a pure ‘Alpha Fucks’ mentality. First I noticed it in my social circle, then at nightclubs, and what really made me search this was after finding out that it was teachers who were also doing this. I search for some scientific articles relating to race and it seems that women, do in fact, universally prefer black males over all other males. Most science articles attribute this to their physical robustness but some have also said it’s because they have a highly symmetrical masculine face.

    It’s also been noted that women prefer males with a darker skin complexion than there own. I suppose as men, we tend to project what women will find attraction but the truth is much more darker (excuse the pun). Here’s some of the studies (along with some quotes) below:

    STUDY 1: http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0031703

    “This explanation was tested using a survey of perceived facial attractiveness.This found that Black males are perceived as more attractive than White or East Asian males whereas among females, it is the East Asians that are perceived as most attractive on average.”

    “Data from previous studies support the required pattern of facial attractiveness over different racial groups. Black men were rated as being significantly more attractive than White men; however, little difference was found between women [25]. A follow-up study found that White women were rated as more attractive than Black women although this was not significant once a conservative Bonferroni correction had been applied [26]. Further experimentation is required, therefore, to clarify these findings.”

    STUDY 2: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00224545.1978.9924089#.U7RwGJRdXAk
    “Males indicated somewhat greater preference for lighter female coloration, while females indicated somewhat greater preference for darker male coloration. These results were discussed in terms of the “kernel of truth” hypothesis of stereotyping, and the possible relationship to earlier research on semantic meanings of color and gender words. Special attention was paid to the tremendous aversion of both sexes to redheads, and to the possible implications of the study for understanding the predominance of black male/white female couplings in black-white interracial marriage in contemporary America.”

    Study 3: http://pages.globetrotter.net/peter_frost61z/1994b-percep-motor-skills.htm

    “This sex difference apparently had meaning for people in premodern societies. It may, therefore, have structured how humans evaluate skin color, at least for minor variations in complexion (Guthrie, 1970, pp. 279-280). One outcome of this theoretical model would be that men and women should evaluate skin color differently. In our ancestral environment, an individual with a dark, male coloration would have meant one thing to a man and another to a woman. The man might have seen a potential rival; the woman, a current or future mate.

    Some data point to such a behavioral sex difference. Feinman and Gill (1978) asked 549 male and 482 female white college students to indicate the complexions they liked and disliked in the opposite sex; see Table 1. Analysis showed significantly more preference by men for lighter female skin color and by women for darker male skin color. The contrast was more striking when subjects stated their dislikes.While 30% of the men disliked black complexion, only 10% of the women did so. Similarly, 82% of the women disliked the two lightest shades, while the corresponding proportion for men was 56%.”

    Study 4: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0191886910004617

    “Previous research has suggested that perceived attractiveness and personality are affected by the race such that White faces are more attractive but less masculine than Black faces. Such studies, however, have been based on very small stimulus sets. The current study investigated perceived attractiveness and personality for 600 Black, White and mixed-race faces. Many of the investigated personality traits were correlated with race when rated by White participants. Attractiveness specifically was greater for Black male faces than White male faces and among mixed-race faces. Blackness correlated with increased attractiveness. A reverse pattern was found for female faces with Whiteness being associated with attractiveness. The results are discussed in terms of the sexual dimorphism demonstrated in skin color.”

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