By: MonkeyWerks

Jenny Erickson could have been my wife.  I see so much that is similar in their though process and rationalizations that is so fucking scary, but not surprising.  I was never as beta has Jenny’s husband Lief, but the treatment I received from my wife was the same nevertheless. Visit the links and the corresponding comments and judge for yourself.  This is what is sick with the church and society today.

The Most Abominable Christian Wife On The Internet
God never tells a woman to violate His commandments, not even if she is really, really unhappy.
Dalrock’s Posts – Great reads
Soothing words for the unrepentant baby mama.
Don’t forget your 30 pieces of silver.
Twisted Scripture.
He ruined the surprise.

How this happened.  Important!!

Reframing Christian marriage
Reframing Christian marriage part 2: rebelling wives aren’t to blame for their own rebellion.
Reframing Christian marriage part 3: husbands as helpmeets.
Reframing Christian marriage part 4: judging the performance.
Reframing Christian marriage part 5: sex as a weapon.
Godly unashamed unwed mothers.

Jenny’s Blog – CAUTION it may make you sick to your stomach and become violent.



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